Etnia Barcelona Arts and Craft in Your Glasses

Etnia Barcelona is a company creating spectacle frames using all frame colors. Their textures have been designed by their design department in Barcelona which are later manufactured in a factory in Milan. With a commitment to quality, this independent brand works with the idea of improving their product over time, with the purpose of innovating their eyeglasses according to their client’s passion. Their products are intricately designed using unique art and fashion, hence it is no surprise why the said company is known for its perfect glasses. Ethnia Barcelona was founded by David Pellicer in Barcelona by the year 2001. He came from a family of optic manufacturers. From 2001, he begun his entrepreneurship journey until he arrived in United States by the year 2004. Here, he joined an eye wear exhibition in New York, called “the vision expo” exhibition. This started his success in the industry of eye glasses. Today, his company supplies one of the leading brands of eye glasses in the global optical market.

There are many benefits to getting original glasses over fake ones. For one, if you get original Etnia Barcelona glasses, they will be more durable because they truly are made of the high quality materials that manufacturers claim they use. Fake glasses are made of aluminum and other weak materials that will not stand a chance should they be exposed to damage. With original glasses, you will be able to feel the difference in how they weigh and feel. Another thing is that original glasses do not chip off their paint as easily as fake ones. Fake glasses have a tendency to chip off because the paint that is being used on their metal are low quality ones. Lastly, with original glasses, the lens will not get scratched as much because modern authentic lenses have scratch proof properties to them while fake glasses do not. Make sure to get only original glasses.

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