The Designer of Sarah Palin Eyeglasses

Kazuo Kawasaki 704 is an eyewear collection conceptualized by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki. The collection is more recognized as Sarah Palin eyeglasses since it has been more identified with her since the 2008 election. The collection which comes in various shapes, colors and sizes has become her prominent accessory that really works well with her face and personality regardless of what she may be wearing or what her activities may be – tv shows, events, speeches, movie, etc.

Sarah Palin eyeglasses feature rimless frame designs and beta titanium temples that are light but may be able to stand wear and tear and they come in eight different colors – gray, gold, brown, silver, dark gray blue, among others. Kazuo Kawasaki 704 collection is a designer eyewear that comes with matching case and cleaning cloth for its protection from scratches and other minor damages. It’s great for both men and women regardless of their face shapes as there are almost 140 lens shapes available to choose from and varied sizes to fit any face frame.

Sarah Palin eyeglasses have somehow become a must-have fashion accessory years ago. Created by the Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki, these Palin glasses were envied by most of those who also wanted to put on a sophisticated and smart look on their face. The kind of look the eyeglasses give is just the perfect combination of smart and sexy. Owing to the fact that the eyeglasses really look good on her, the manufacturer of the glasses was bombarded by numerous orders from authorized dealers demanding several pairs of the exact design and color that Palin regularly wears. The famed rimless glasses of Palin perfectly complemented her oval face which probably hooked the mystery behind the glasses looking so good on her. If you notice, her famous glasses have frames that have the temples that are slightly raised on the lenses. The Governor opts to wear the glasses beyond any aesthetic reason. But who would have thought it would become the new Hilary Clinton pantsuit?

Gone were the days when people ridiculed geeks for wearing thick glasses and braces. Today, those who wear eyeglasses become the center of attention just like what Sarah Palin did when she appeared on national television wearing a pair of Sarah Palin eyeglasses. The Sarah Palin Eyeglasses collection is one of the most beautifully and artistically designed and created eyewear ever to grace the world of fashion. The person behind the success of the Sarah Palin Eyeglasses collection is none other than the unbelievingly talented industrial designer Kazuo Kawasaki. Kawasaki reinvented the old and mocked at picture of a woman wearing eyeglasses to that of a woman who garners so much praise and respect because of the sophistication and smartness that her pair of spectacles has evinced. These weightless eyeglasses will bring you comfort and convenience that no other eyewear brand could offer. So trust the designs and the creative and brilliant mind of Kazuo Kawasaki, you’ll soon learn that every penny you paid was worth it

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