Why Men Look Good With Tom Ford 5178

The Tom Ford 5178 eyeglasses collection became popular after George Falconer, who starred in the movie A Single Man way back 2009 donned a pair of eyeglasses that he scavenged from an old box. The movie, of course became a big hit. However, what people didn’t know was that Tom Ford, the founder of the world-renowned Tom Ford brand; found his inspiration in that movie. He was able to replicate the eyeglasses that Falconer discovered and made a collection from out of it. It was then that the Tom Ford 5178 eyeglasses collection was introduced into the market and surprisingly millions of people loved it just as they loved how Falconer looked in the movies. Inspite of its unique yet radical design, a lot of men still purchase it because for them, those pair of Tom Ford 5178 glasses was what made Falconer looked undeniably attractive in the movie A Single Man. These Tom Ford 5178 eyeglasses will never go out of style because of its vintage feel.

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