Getting Brand New Prescription Frames

The thing with glasses is that with prolonged use of our eyes, our glasses’ grades will increase over time. Within two to three years, you could expect to change your glasses. The first time I tried getting new prescription frames, I got confused as to which one I should have. There are a lot of frames to choose from and they were all great fits. I probably spent around ten to fifteen minutes trying each one out. When I finally picked one out, I would have chosen another one as it was expensive, not to mention the additional payout for the lenses. But then my mom insisted I pick out those. One good piece of advice when choosing prescription frames: look at the price tag first before you buy the frame. Also, to be sure that you have enough money, ask beforehand how much the lenses would cost and then add it up with the cost of the frame.

I have plans of buying new prescription frames for myself. Every two years, I go to my optometrist and have my eyes checked. This year, my optometrist told me that I need a new pair of eyeglasses. I think it is because I have spent most of time reading and working in front of the computer. I do not want to cause permanent damage on my eyes so I will heed the advice of my optometrist. Moreover, I think it will be a good chance for me to have a new look with my new eyeglasses. I see that there are several stylish frames available online that I like. I will ask my sister to have a look at them and get her comments on which ones I should get. I intend to buy two frames as I always do. One will be for the glasses that I will bring with me where ever I go and the other one for work.